Attribute Changer 6.20 汉化纯净版 - 外壳扩展工具

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这是一个 Windows 外壳扩展功能。一旦启动之后,用鼠标右击每个文件或者文件夹时,在弹出菜单中将新增一个“更改属性”的功能。你可以用它来方便地更改文件的属性和日期时间

Changing attributes on files and folders in Windows is somewhat troublesome - Attribute Changer will helpfully assist you in this task.

Attribute Changer basic features include changing standard attributes (Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System and Index) on files and folders, altering date and time, online help and a seamless integration into the Windows shell acting as a shell extension.

More advanced options include compression and decompression of files stored on NTFS volumes, partial date and time modifications, and the use of filters and exceptions.

Take a look at the for changes and enhancements made in Attribute Changer.

Enjoy Attribute Changer




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